Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Uses Instagram Live for Marketing

Instagram is one of the top notch social media platforms where millions of users can actively share their pictures, videos and even promote brands and services online. There are a lot of advantages for using the Instagram social handle and it all helps a lot in business marketing and gaining all the best marketing strategies and more traffic to your website in no matter of time. However, more marketing strategies have come up with some of the best tips and tricks to use Instagram Live for Marketing. This guide on Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Uses Instagram Live for Marketing will surely help you to find the best results.


1. Purpose of Live:

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the purpose and the reason for Instagram Live that you are willing to do. If you just do an Instagram Live video without any reason, you may not have much audience to view it. So make sure that you put up a motive in order to post the Instagram Live.


2. Outline The Video:

The one thing that you need to do next is to outline your video. Make yourself clear on how you will present the video. make a note down of the CTAs that you need to use like Follow Me or Follow us, subscribe to our page and much more. Make sure that you cover all the key points before you opt to end the video.


3. Test The Sound and Video Quality:

Before going on live, you need to be sure that the video has proper sound and picture quality. Your audience will expect to listen to you properly at the time you are doing an Instagram Live. So make sure that you keep proper video quality before you opt to go live.


4. Promote Live Broadcast:

One of the most important things that you can do is to promote the live broadcast on your channel. You can put up an Instagram post on the same to make it count. So what you need to do is to simply put up some posts which will allow you to attract more audience even before the live session starts.


5. Pin Title:

Often as we use Instagram Live, the Title of the Instagram Live  video gets away because of the comments below. If you wish to make your users know about the live video, you need to keep a title of the video. You can use the Pin Title feature to avoid this mess and the Title will be pinned on top of the Instagram Live.


6. Who is watching?

One of the best ways of marketing over Instagram Live is just by keeping a track on some of the users who do not miss out your videos. You can see the number and the names of people who are currently watching the video. So do give them a shout out for watching and supporting your live sessions.


7. Remind Users why they are watching:

Diverting to a topic is very easy in any video if you are doing it live. But keeping your audience stay with you is tough. So if you are opting for live sessions, remind your users on why they are watching the videos. Make sure that they keep engaged to your profile till the video ends.


8. Switch Camera:

Instagram comes with a very handy feature to switch the camera with just a one click. It is very evident that most of the people will feel bored if you just keep doing a live video for a long session. So to make it interesting, you can flip the camera and show them any interesting view or the other side of the phone.


9. Ask Followers to DM:

DM on Instagram attracts a number of audiences if you wish to give or provide any service. If you are promoting or selling any product, you can ask for DMs to get orders. Apart from this, you can also opt for your viewers to DM you after the live is over for more interactions.


10. Be Yourself:

The most important thing that you need to do before any Instagram Live is going on is to be yourself and not to pretend. This will allow your audience to believe in you and will also give you the opportunity to interact with the people more and also you will get more live views for Instagram. So the more you are natural, the better it is for your live sessions.

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